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About The OneBEing Project

We are OneBEing breathing and living on this planet.

Currently, the planet is undergoing physical and consciousness shifts that are accelerating rapidly. Finding a harmonious flow for all the inhabitants on this earth, during these times of great change, requires an opening to the magical wisdom that lives in each moment. Once we accept the power that lives inside our true essence, we realize the potential to manifest our dreams! Serving the highest good for the OneBEing that we are, unlocks the creative channel guiding us to evolve into a more sustainable future.

The OneBEing project strives to provide an innovative foundation for people in which they can thrive and create in these changing times. The project has it essence in tapping the creative source that lives in each of us, when we follow our inner truth. Following this source, the OneBEing project is developing infrastructure for sustainably-based eco-villages in Costa Rica. These eco-village models are manifold: The first step of these eco-communities involves integrating with the local people of Costa Rica. Many villages are looking for a new way to sustain themselves and their culture. We are introducing organic farming, bio-fuels and ethanol production, alternative energy, coffee waste recycling, reforestation, and library and community centers. Incorporating these new ideas will bring more financial abundance and land rehabilitation to these amazing local communities.

Simultaneously, the OneBEing project is developing eco-villages for people moving to Costa Rica. The Project purchases land and develops it using alternative energy and green building. The goal of these villages is to connect people through community spaces such as a social meeting space, greenhouse and garden areas, animal barns and stables, and healing centers - while at the same time leaving freedom for each community member to have a private dwelling and yard area. The eco-villages are designed to be successful, with well-designed infrastructure and landscape/maintenance support from local employees. The ambition is to live in a more sustainable style that supports individual passions, while working together to heal the planet.

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