Healing River Massage

Jungle Brothers Construction

Jungle Brothers Construction is a successful green building company that has been serving the local region for over five years. Now expanded to include three crews of trained builders, Jungles Brothers is ready to design your dream, ranging from vacation bungalows to magnificent dream homes. Based on 7 years of experience living in Costa Rica, founder Drennan Flahive has researched and experimented with the most sustainable methods for building in the local region. Striving to use local bamboo, hardwoods and other materials, Jungle Brothers is committed to creating a sustainable future.

Organic Landscaping

The team at Sustainable Solutions cares deeply about the local environment in Costa Rica. Committed to working sensitively with the landscape, we are prepared to help you reforest, protect and responsibly use waterways, integrate medicinal and culinary plants, as well as set up gardens, greenhouses, and more.

Alternative Energy

The Sustainable Solutions Center is in the process of creating an alternative energy showroom. Costa Rica abounds with natural energy—a plethora of sunlight, wind, and water fill the stunning landscape. Since Costa Rica is aiming at being the first carbon neutral country, the goal lends itself to utilizing these natural energies. At the center we are researching and aspiring to provide examples of hydro and micro-hydro electricity, wind and solar power, as well easy access and installation of these materials. Included in the showroom, we intend to include solar and on demand hot water heaters, low flow shower heads, natural sealants and paints, biodegradable cleaners, and other components to help make your home a healthy one!

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